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Summer 2019!!!




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Speed Limit is 10MPH throughout Trails End. Security will be monitoring speed with radar. Thank you for your cooperation.


Reminder: Campfires must be enclosed and have a charged hose nearby and the fire must be attended at all times. Citations will be issued. Please use the utmost caution when burning.


Office: Open Everyday 8:30am – 4:30pm. Merchandise available including: T-shirts, Hoodies, Koozies & more!


Board of Director’s Meeting: Next meeting is December 14, 2019 @ 10:00 AM 


Antifreeze: For sale in the office: $5 per gallon.


Barcode Decals: Barcode decals cannot be affixed during inclement weather. Please come prepared with your Photo ID, current vehicle registration and insurance. Note: Barcodes are no longer valid once removed from the vehicle in which it was originally registered to.


Fitness Center: Open  6am-5pm daily 


Library: Open 9am – 5pm daily, no password needed for wifi use. 


Game Room: Closed for the season 


Concession: Closed for the season 


Bar: Closed for the season 


Pools: *Closed for the season*


Dump Area: open Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday 8:30am - 3:30pm. Open 7 days a week for Contractors. Dump area will be closed during inclement weather.


Winterizing: To protect your RV remove the hose from the hydrant and make sure the hydrant is off. Damage to the hydrant from freezing is the responsibility of the property owners and the cost to repair/replace is substantial. Also, remove your personal items and things of value, empty the refrigerator and make sure the electric is turned off at the box. Trails End is not responsible for power outages.


When winterizing, DO NOT pour/dump chemicals down the drain as this affects the sewer plant and is a violation. Thank you.


Hydrant Regulations:


• All fittings and hoses must be removed from water hydrants October 15th through April 15th when the property owner is not on property.


• Hydrants must be visible at all times. Structures are not permitted around/over hydrants.


Reminder: All outside lights must be off when your lot is unoccupied and during daylight hours. Thank you for your cooperation.                                               





Security Reminders: